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Open air yoga studio surrounded by plam trees, with a ypga bolster and some yoga mats laid out on the floor

The 5 best Yoga Studios in Puerto Escondido in 2023

Find out, where the best yoga studios in Puerto Escondido are!

Januar 17, 2023 1

The Ultimate Guide to Co-Working in Puerto Escondido in 2023

Find out where the best Co-Working spaces and cafés in Puerto Escondido are!

Januar 14, 2023 0
long sandy beach, blue water, blue sky

The 3 best Beaches of Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Find out, where the best beaches in Puerto Escondido are, including for surf, for sunbathing, and for the sunsets!

Januar 8, 2023 1

How to get from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido 2023?

Find out about the 4 best ways to get by land or via air travel from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido.

Juli 22, 2022 1
Street with two men wearing Mexican sombreros and holding a flower bouquet as well as a pistol with a heart flag

Mexico Travel Essentials: 9 Important Things to Know When Visiting!

9 essential things about traveling in Mexico that you certainly did not know!

Juli 6, 2022 1

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