These travel to Mexico essentials guides with the best food, wellness, music, and art in Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido, Bacalar, Playa del Carmen, Mexico City and beyond are intended to give you a great vacation so that you don’t waste time searching for the most high-vibrational places. Be it a one-of-a-kind taco restaurant, the coolest local designer, the best gallery, or the most excellent cocktail bar – it’s all listed.

The Cool Guide to … gives you everything you need: from restaurants to organic food shops, to Mezcal bars, to massage salons, to DIY excursions to close-by natural places, to weekend trips, to artistic workshops, to DJ nights and live bands, to Latin food markets, to local coffee and cacao shops, to the best bakeries, to vegan food, to cool co-working spaces for digital nomads, to a sweat lodge, to natural cosmetics, to yoga classes, to your essential crystals shop, and to an exclusive selection of boutique hotels with a stunning interior.

Each place has been hand-selected and chosen in the way of „like attracts like“. I have been living in all these cities on and off for the past years, and have been cruising every place by means of „where my feet take me“. Many of the places that I discovered were not in other travel guide books, nor mentioned in the notorious Expats WhatsApp groups, some I got recommended by friends and many I simply landed in by pure chance. Some are the créme de la créme of food and drinks, others are secret spots that almost nobody knows about.

I hope you enjoy this travel guide as much as I did creating it! And feel free to leave a review when you visited some of the places mentioned in the travel guide books!

This series is kicking off with the Cool Guide to Oaxaca, closely followed by the Cool Guide to Puerto Escondido, with more travel books in the making for places, such as Bacalar, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and …? Tell me which city in Mexico needs a Cool Guide too!

Use them as your „Move to Mexico Bible“, as your most-loved vacation guide for the urban cosmonaut, as your personal tour guide through a new city in a week or two, as your wellness guide for a healthy lifestyle, or simply as your Mexican lifestyle inspiration. Because nothing is more important than getting the most out of your visit to a new place and knowing exactly where to go at each time of the day!

Have fun on your travel, get to know Latin America and its people, and enjoy a hand-picked Cool Guide to …..

Anne // Cool Guide Travel

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