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Puerto Escondido is a cute little beach town at the Oaxacan coast in Mexico, right next to the Pacific Ocean. Divided by three main areas – Rinconada, Zicatela, and La Punta – you can enjoy surfing, yoga classes, outdoor gyms, beach volleyball, and much more here.

Since the areas are slightly spread apart and it can take some time until you find the right places for you across town, I’ll give you low-down on the 5 best yoga studios in Puerto Escondido.

1. Marea Yoga Studio, Puerto Escondido – Zicatela

Marea Yoga Studio has been a long-standing institution in Puerto Escondido, offering Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Meditation, as well as special events for the Full or New Moon. Their open-air studio with a palapa roof gives a fresh breeze once you start to sweat, but at the same time feels protected and tucked away from all the happenings downtown.

There are four yoga classes a day, currently offered at:

Mon- Sun 8-9 am / 9:30-11 am / 11:30- 1 pm / 6-7:30 pm

Price: 150 pesos per class

2. Jardin Ganesha, Puerto Escondido – Zicatela

Jardin Ganesha is a beautiful open-air space with a roof, kept in white colors and with a serene vibe. It’s decorated with macramé hangers and plants, while being surrounded by a garden, so you’ll enjoy your classes in a natural boho-setting.

Class types range from Hatha, to Vinyasa, Meditation, Kirtan, to special events.

There are several yoga classes a day, currently offered at:

Mon – Fri 7:30 – 8:30am / 9 – 10:30am / 6:30 – 8pm

Wed & Fr 5 – 6pm

Thu 11am – 1pm

Sat 9 – 10:30am / 11am – 1pm

Sun 10am

Price: 200 pesos per class

3. Yoga One Love, Puerto Escondido – La Punta

Yoga One Love is another institution in Puerto Escondido, offering several classes a day, including Acro Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, and more. The big yoga rooftop offers a lot of space for big classes. Since Yoga One Love also is a hostel, there are usually quite a lot of people in the class. However, it’s the only studio that offers classes starting as early as 7:30am.

Yoga classes are currently offered at:

Mon – Fri 7:30 – 9am / 9 – 11am

Tue & Thu 6:30 – 8pm

Sat & Sun 9:30 – 11am / 11:30 – 1pm

Price: 150 pesos per class

4. Casa de Olas, Puerto Escondido – La Punta

Casa de Olas is health- and fitness-focussed hotel in a quiet street of La Punta. It has a beautiful garden, a pool, a health bar, and a rooftop studio for all things yoga, fitness, meditation, and more. According to who is teaching in Puerto, there are Vinyasa Yoga classes, Yin Yoga, Surfers Stretch Yoga, Power Yoga, Rocket Yoga, HIIT, fitness (SHRED), boxing classes, and more on the schedule.

Yoga classes are currently offered at:

Mon – Fri 10 – 11am, 11:30am – 12:30pm, 5 – 6pm

Sun 11am Acro Yoga

Price: 120 pesos per class, 100 pesos for Casa de Olas guestst

5. EnerJane, Puerto Escondido – La Punta

Hatha Vinayasa Yoga classes with EnerJane take place every evening at 5pm for sunset in La Punta, and always have a focus – such as for the liver, twists, backbends, hip-openers etc. She is highly knowledgeable and her classes are usually packed, so come early to get your spot. You can find her at the rooftop of Casa Aloe, opposite of Villas Ndayaa. EnerJane also offers occasional tantra workshops for only women and for couples. And she runs a Yoga Teacher Training „The most affordable in Mexico“ twice a year now.

I hope this article helped you to decide for the best yoga studio in Puerto Escondido for you! To find out more about the different beaches in Puerto Escondido, check out this article.

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