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pool surrounded by palm tress in round shape, with view to the ocean in turquoise color

My 3 Favorite Beach Clubs, Playa del Carmen

Find out where my 3 favorite beach clubs in Playa del Carmen are, and enjoy your time at the pool.

Februar 14, 2023 0

The 3 Best Playa del Carmen Co-Working Offices in 2023

Find out about the 3 best Playa del Carmen co-working offices, and work inspired with other digital nomads!

Februar 8, 2023 1
vegan pitta bread filled with tomatoes, lettuce, and falafel, on a banana leaf on a wooden plate, with a small terracotta cup of sauce next to it

The 5 best Playa del Carmen Vegan Restaurants

Get the low-down on the 5 best Playa del Carmen vegan restaurants!

Januar 29, 2023 1
turquoise water pool leading to a turquoise water ocean on the beach in playa del Carmen, next to two palm trees

Your Mexico Travel Guide Book to Playa del Carmen

Find out about the best co-workings spaces, meet-ups, music, and street art in Playa del Carmen.

Januar 22, 2023 0
Open air yoga studio surrounded by plam trees, with a ypga bolster and some yoga mats laid out on the floor

The 5 best Yoga Studios in Puerto Escondido in 2023

Find out, where the best yoga studios in Puerto Escondido are!

Januar 17, 2023 1

The Ultimate Guide to Co-Working in Puerto Escondido in 2023

Find out where the best Co-Working spaces and cafés in Puerto Escondido are!

Januar 14, 2023 0

Is Oaxaca City Safe to Travel?

Oaxaca, despite being the hotspot for people from New York & Los Angeles is still not the safest place in Mexico. Find out what to pay attention to.

Oktober 14, 2022 1

How to get from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido 2023?

Find out about the 4 best ways to get by land or via air travel from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido.

Juli 22, 2022 1
Street with two men wearing Mexican sombreros and holding a flower bouquet as well as a pistol with a heart flag

Mexico Travel Essentials: 9 Important Things to Know When Visiting!

9 essential things about traveling in Mexico that you certainly did not know!

Juli 6, 2022 1

Mexico City: The Best Wellness Centres, Yoga Studios, Gyms in La Condesa & Roma

Mexico City is a 20 Million Megapolis that could feel huge, but actually feels small at times, because of its cute neighborhoods. There is, of course, parts where skyscrapers make you feel like an ant and you feel like you anted up in New York. But then there are also small neighborhoods, which you cross…

Juli 1, 2022 0