pool surrounded by palm tress in round shape, with view to the ocean in turquoise color

Playa del Carmen has so many beach clubs, it might be hard to know, which one to choose. Since I’m a fan of serene beach lounging with little to no background noise, or only decent world music, I’ll present you my list of favorite beach clubs in Playa del Carmen that will give you a relaxing time.

Beach club playa del carmen, view from the organically shaped pool towards the beach, surrounded by palm trees

1) Encanto Beach Club, Playa del Carmen

Calle Albatros, corner Petrel

Mon – Sun 9pm – 6pm

500 pesos min. consumption on entry

One of the most beautiful beach clubs, with plenty of beach beds, a boho Ibiza vibe, good music (sometimes live but never too loud), and a good food / drink menu that offers a lot of variety. You need to pay 500 pesos on the entrance, which you can consume from their menu afterwards

2) Mahekal Beach Resort, Playa del Carmen

Calle 38N, between Quinta Av and the beach

Mo – Sun 11am – 7pm, Happy Hour 5pm – 6pm, special events also 8pm – 10pm


This is a daytime bar next to a beautiful organically shaped pool among the designer huts of Mahekal Resort. It’s the perfect place to chill and have a light snack and drinks, take a swim in the turquoise waters of the pool and let life be. Check their happy hour for cocktails, and come back for the special S’amores and Margarita evenings (check the updates on their website) when they lit the fire pit next to the pool and bring on the floating lights.

3) Lido Beach Club Restaurant, Playa del Carmen

Av 1N Bis, between Calle 10N and Calle 12N, Centro

Saturday 5pm – 12am


Cute, lively beach club with wooden tables and straw umbrellas, seating at the bar, at tables, as well as at beach beds right at the beach. They have a uniquely cool presentation of their dishes with flowers, colors and whatnot, offer international and Mexican cuisine with some vegetarian and vegan options (falafel!), and a lot of cocktails. Very attentive staff and cool vibe.

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I hope you enjoyed this short list of my 3 favorite beach clubs in Playa del Carmen! Get the full insider guide on the best food, wellness, and music in the Cool Guide to Playa del Carmen!

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