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Lisbon is a beautiful city for surf, sunsets sailing, and food. But what about the nightlife and especially nightclubs in Lisbon? Some of you might have heard about the the bourgeoning Jazz scene, the Kizomba and Salsa classes by the river, as well as live music in restaurants and bars.

A few of you might also know about the interesting encounters with bouncers at nightclubs that want to charge 300€ entry, touristy clubs that host drunk 20-year-old in mini-skirts and 60 year olds on a roll, or the hit-or-miss party scene.

So, to save yourself the headache, the discussions, and an evening wasted at the wrong place with the wrong people, follow my list of the best nightclubs in Lisbon. Enjoy! You can thank me later. πŸ™‚

5A Club

R. do Noronha 5A, Principe Real

Fri / Sat 11:30pm – 6am


A small and cozy nightclub in Lisbon that’s genuine, with good quality techno and house music, a good sound-system, fair prices at the bar, and a nice crowd. Very unpretentious. The only down-side is people are allowed to smoke on the dance floor, since there is no outdoor area or another room.

Go A Lisboa – Pop Up Supper Club

Calçada Libramento 17, Alcantara

Wed 7pm – 1am, Thu 7pm – 2am, Fri / Sat 7pm – 3am


A really cool location, slightly off the beaten path. Go A Lisboa has a fancy, huge rooftop bar for dinner and cocktails open to all, and a secret supper club downstairs with industrial feel and an intimate setting. As a nightclub in Lisbon it opens its doors from from Thu – Sat, when DJs are playing downtempo, house, tropical, and other fun sounds. I went for the opening with Polo & Pan and felt all influencers, founders, and actors of Lisbon had assembled. No smoking inside, there is a terrace. But – write them a message on IG to ask for guest list or requisites to enter, since the club space is small. Also, Go A Lisboa has a cool concept store for party and leisure outfits Γ‘ la Tulum and Ibiza, and they offer occasional yoga on the rooftop.

Village Underground

Av. da India 52, Alcantara

Sun – Thu 11am – 8pm, Fri / Sat 11am – 6am


Village Underground is one of the coolest spots in town. A cultural place made of shipping containers and a double-decker bus, lots of wonderful street art, and a view to Pier 7. Bring your camera! It’s very close to LX Factory, too. During day-time quiet and good for co-working, with a cafΓ© and restaurant onsite, at the weekends it serves as a Lisbon nightlcub for parties and concerts – ranging from reggaeton, techno, hip, hop, to dub sound systems – according to who organizes the party.

So you know which nightclubs in Lisbon to try out now. Enjoy your time and have a good dance for me. πŸ™‚

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